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API - Application Programming Interface

By using our API you can crypt your links programmatically. Our current limit is 5000 requests per day. Please contact us in case you need more requests.

API usage guide

To crypt an URL you must make a POST request to https://urlcrypt.to/api
    POST https://urlcrypt.to/api/
Requirements for POST vars:
  • captchaon or off – OPTIONAL, defaults to off
  • passwordat least 3 characters long – OPTIONAL, defaults to empty
  • urlToCryptany valid url, up to 2048 characters – REQUIRED

The server will respond with the crypted url, the status code and a message:
    "status": 200,
    "finalURL": "http://www.urlcrypt.to/u/d1qdas",
    "message": "Link crypted successfully"
Possible response status codes:
  • 200OK – The request was successfully.
  • 401FORBIDDEN – You reached the daily limit, contact us to lift up your limit.
  • 500Internal Server Error – An error occurred on our side, please try again.